Tuberculosis Diagnostic Research, India

An intensive course on TB diagnostic research methods - from basics to advanced techniques

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Course Talks and Presentations

Day 1

The global value chain (blueprint) for TB diagnostics and current pipeline of diagnostics - M Pai, [Download]
New WHO policy on Xpert MTB/RIF - CN Parmasivan, [Download]
New WHO policy on serological assays - K Steingart, [Download]
Overview of diagnostic research and types of diagnostic study designs - M Pai, [Download]
Landscape of TB diagnostic research - M Pai, [Download]
The diagnostic test accuracy design - M Pai, [Download]
Bias in diagnostic research and sources of variation - K Steingart, [Download]
Optimism bias in TB diagnostic research & critical appraisal - M Pai, [Download]

Day 2

Reference Standards
-- Reference standards in microscopy evaluations - CN Paramasivan, [Download]
-- Reference standards in rapid culture/DST methods - CN Paramasivan, [Download]
-- Reference standards in molecular assays - T Shinnick, [Download]
-- Reference standards in serological assays - S Laal, [Download]
-- Reference standards in IGRAs and LTBI tests - M Pai, [Download]
-- Reference standards in extrapulmonary TB - J Peter, [Download]
Lab accreditation and QA in India - J Kenneth, [Download]
-- Ensuring quality in Microscopy studies - CN Paramasivan, [Download]
-- Ensuring quality in molecular assay studies - T Shinnick, [Download]
-- Ensuring quality in immunodiagnostic studies - S Laal, [Download]
Introduction to TB biomarker validation - S Parida, [Download]
Beyond Test Accuracy
-- 1: Impact of testing on diagnostic thinking and clinical decision making - M Pai, [Download]
-- 2: Incremental value and multivariable methods - M Pai, [Download]
-- 3: Randomized designs for clinical impact - M Pai, J Peter, [Download - M Pai] , [Download - J Peter]
Evaluation of TB diagnostics in children and HIV-infected populations: challenges and potential solutions - S Swaminathan, [Download]

Day 3

Beyond Test Accuracy
-- 4: Cost and cost-effectiveness - H Sohn, [Download]
-- 5: Guideline and policy development using the GRADE approach - K Steingart, [Download]
Meta-analysis of diagnostic research - K Steingart, [Download]
Converting ideas into commercially viable products - N Sriram, [Download]
Landscape of TB diagnostics in India and barriers to innovation - M Pai, [Download]