The B-Files (Bias Case Studies)

Case studies of bias in real life epidemiologic studies
By: Madhukar Pai & Jay S. Kaufman

Bias File 1. The Rise and Fall of Hormone Replacement Therapy [Link]

Bias File 2. Should we stop drinking coffee? The story of coffee and pancreatic cancer [Link]

Bias File 3. Émile Durkheim and the ecological fallacy [Link]

Bias File 4. The early controversy over estrogen and endometrial cancer [Link]

Bias File 5. How blind are the blind? The story of Vitamin C for common cold [Link]

Bias File 6. Double whammy: recall and selection bias in case-control studies of congenital malformations [Link]

Bias File 7. Confounding by indication: a most stubborn bias? [Link]

Bias File 8. Don't call my number, anymore! Bias in surveys of sexual behavior [Link]

Bias File 9. Circumcision and HIV [Link]

These case studies can be freely used for education purposes with due credit.