Advanced TB Diagnostics – 13-17 July 2015

Montreal, Canada

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Course flyer
Course agenda

Day 1 – 13 July 2015

  • The big picture: global value chain for TB diagnostics (by M Pai) [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: Scale-up of existing WHO-endorsed tools – country experiences and challenges [TBD]
  • Defining the needs for the next-generation TB tests (by C Denkinger) [TBD]
  • Molecular diagnostics: Making sense of a crowded landscape (by D Boyle) [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: Gaps in the pipeline: what are the critical needs? [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: Can industry fill the gaps? What is the role of donors? [TBD]

Day 2 – 14 July 2015

  • Panel discussion: What is the market for TB diagnostics? [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: Optimal reference standards for test evaluation [TBD]
  • Diagnostic prediction models and incremental value (by N Dendukuri) [TBD]
  • Diagnostic RCTs in TB: what are we learning? (by C Denkinger) [TBD]
  • Measuring clinical impact: methodological issues and challenges (by S Schumacher) [TBD]
  • Tech Pitch [Not available]
  • Achieving convergence between new diagnostics and drug regimens (by M Schito) [TBD]

Day 3 – 15 July 2015

  • Improving case detection in the Indian private sector in Mumbai (by S Vijayan) [TBD]
  • Improving case detection in remote Arctic communities (by G Alvarez) [TBD]
  • Implementation Science – rationale and application to TB diagnostics research (by A Cattamanchi) [TBD]
  • Barriers to POC testing: insights from qualitative research (by N Engel) [TBD]
  • Importance of reproducibility: case study of IGRAs (by N Banaei) [TBD]
  • Xpert MTB/RIF in high incidence settings: TB REACH experience (by J Creswell) [TBD]
  • Improving access in the private sector: the IPAQT model in India (by H Dabas) [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: Can we exploit dCXR to improve case finding? [TBD]

Day 4 – 16 July 2015

  • Systematic reviews of diagnostic accuracy (by K Steingart) [TBD]
  • SR: case study: Xpert MTB/RIF in children (by A Detjen) [TBD]
  • SR: case study: Predictive value of IGRAs and TST (by S Kik) [TBD]
  • Guideline development in TB diagnostics (by K Steingart) [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: How do countries make policies on new diagnostics? [TBD]
  • Mathematical modeling: an introduction (by D Dowdy) [TBD]

Day 5 – 17 July 2015

  • Transmission modeling of TB diagnostics (by D Dowdy) [TBD]
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of TB diagnostics (by D Dowdy) [TBD]
  • Challenges in modeling TB diagnostics (by D Dowdy) [TBD]
  • Modeling for decision-making (by D Dowdy) [TBD]
  • Panel discussion: Linking models to decision-making in public health & policy [TBD]
  • Modeling and cost-effectiveness: a synthesis (by D Dowdy) [TBD]

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