Quality of TB Care – 19-21 June 2019

Montreal, Canada

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Course agenda
Day 1 – 19 June 2019

  • Quality: the missing ingredient in TB care & control (by M Pai & Z Temesgen) [Slides]
  • Panel Discussion: Quality of TB care: patients’ perspectives [Not available]
  • The importance of high‐quality health systems & relevance to TB (by M Kruk) [Slides]
  • Overview of methods to measure quality of care (by E Larson) [Slides]

Day 2 – 20 June 2019

  • Quality of TB care: constructing and using the TB care cascade (by R Subbaraman) [Slides]
  • Quality of MDR‐TB care: gaps and solutions (by J Furin) [Slides]
  • Quality of latent TB care: gaps and potential solutions (by J Campbell) [Slides]
  • Quality of TB‐HIV care: evidence in the private sector in South Africa (by J Boffa & A Salomon) [Not available]
  • Quality of TB‐HIV care: evidence in the public sector in South Africa [Slides]
  • Quality of TB care: insights from ethnography and qualitative research (by A McDowell) [Not available]
  • Client satisfaction with TB care: systematic review (by D Cazabon & T Pande) [Not available]
  • Quality improvement in maternal and child health (by E Larson) [Slides]
  • Quality improvement in public and private sectors: Lessons from Mumbai (by D Shah) [Not available]
  • Quality improvement: Lessons from Uganda (by P Shete) [Not available]

Day 3 – 21 June 2019

  • Quality improvement: Lessons from South Africa (by L Mvusi) [Slides]
  • Quality improvement: Lessons from USAID‐supported field projects (by C Colvin) [Not available]
  • The science of quality improvement: an introduction (by B Agins) [Slides]
  • Understanding and addressing variations in quality of healthcare (by J Das) [Slides]
  • Panel Discussion: How can high‐burden countries address gaps in quality? [Not available]
  • Panel Discussion: How can patients, civil society & media demand quality care and hold health systems accountable? [Not available]