Advanced TB Diagnostics – 17-19 June 2019

Montreal, Canada


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Course flyer
Course agenda
Day 1 – 17 June 2019

  • Welcome, introductions, goals (by M Pai) [Not available]
  • The struggle to get diagnosed: Why diagnosis matters to patients (by R Lobo, K O’Brien, P Amin & S Dedhia [Not available]
  • Re-imagining TB diagnosis and care (by M Pai) [Slides]
  • Panel Discussion: Scale-up of WHO-endorsed diagnostics — Country experiences & challenges [Not available]
  • TB diagnostics pipeline & landscape & TPPs (by S Schumacher) [Not available]
  • Panel Discussion: How can we overcome the valleys of death with TB innovations [Not available]
  • New TB drugs and regimens: where are we headed? (by S Cook-Scalise) [Not available]
  • Panel Discussion: Human-centered design to re-imagine TB care [Not available]

Day 2 – 18 June 2019

  • Progress with incipient TB test (by S Schumacher) [Not available]
  • Urine LAM detection: what is the future? (by K Heichman) [Slides]
  • Triage testing: approaches to generating evidence (by R Nathavitharana) [Slides]
  • CRP as triage (by A Shapiro) [Slides]
  • Panel discussion: Leveraging artificial intelligence & data for advancing TB diagnosis [Not available]
  • Evidence synthesis and guideline development in TB Dx (by K Steingart) [Slides]
  • Debate: Is the TB field ready for routine use of NGS? (K England vs. S Grandjean-Lapierre) [Absolutely] [Not quite]
  • Panel discussion: Importance of advocacy & media in improving TB diagnosis and care [Not available]
  • TB Tech Pitch [Not available]

Day 3 – 19 June 2019

  • Modeling & cost-effectiveness analyses of TB dx (by O Oxlade) [Slides]
  • GeneXpert: lessons learnt & future plans (by P Jacon) [Not available]
  • Solving procurement challenges in TB diagnostics: role of GDF (by W Van Gemert) [Slides]
  • Panel discussion: How can we overcome barriers to latent TB testing in LMICs? [Not available]