Advanced TB Diagnostics – 18-22 June 2018

Montreal, Canada

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Summer Institute brochure
Course flyer
Course agenda
Day 1 – 18 June 2018

  • Welcome, introductions, goals (by M Pai) [Slides]
  • The struggle to get diagnosed: Why diagnosis matters to patients (by I Schoeman, S Rane & R Herrera) [Not available]
  • TB diagnostics: the big picture (by M Pai) [Slides]
  • Panel Discussion: Scale-up of WHO-endorsed diagnostics — Country Experiences & Challenges [Not available]
  • TB Diagnostics Pipeline & Landscape & TPPs (by C Denkinger) [Not available]
  • Panel Discussion: Can industry and donors fill the gap? [Slides]
  • Resources for product developers: TB Dx Critical Pathway, Pipeline Tracker & beyond (by A Suresh) [Slides]
  • New TB drugs and regimens: where are we headed? (by S Malhotra) [Slides]
  • Panel Discussion: Aligning the emerging TB drug and diagnostic pipelines [Not available]

Day 2 – 19 June 2018

  • How feasible is a $5 POC molecular test? (by J Gallarda) [Slides]
  • Urine LAM detection: what is the future? (by E Moreau) [Slides]
  • Triage testing: approaches to generating evidence (by R Nathavitharana) [Slides]
  • Chest radiology & CAD as triage (by C Denkinger) [Slides]
  • CRP as triage (by C Yoon) [Slides]
  • Debate: Is the TB field ready for routine use of NGS? (V Nikolayevskyy vs. R Lee) [Absolutely] [Not quite]
  • Panel discussion: Voices from the field & the industry [Not available]
  • QFT-Plus: what is the evidence? (by N Banaei) [Not available]
  • Do we need a GAVI for diagnostics (by J Gallarda) [Slides]
  • TB Tech Pitch [Not available]

Day 3 – 20 June 2018

  • Assessment of TB diagnostic networks: a new tool (by A Piatek) [Slides]
  • Strengthening lab capacity for TB diagnosis and care in LMICs (by K England) [Slides]
  • Optimizing device placement and lab networks for impact (by H Albert) [Slides]
  • Aligning diagnostics to the POC: takeaways for innovators, decision-makers and evaluators (by N Engel) [Slides]
  • New tool uptake & the role of Global Drug Facility (by W Van Gemert) [Not available]
  • Active case finding: lessons from TB REACH (by A Khan) [Slides]
  • Surrogate endpoints in global health research: searching for killer apps & silver bullets? (by M Pai) [Slides]
  • Panel discussion: Essential Diagnostics List: opportunity for TB? [Slides]
  • Panel discussion: Can we overcome barriers to latent TB testing in LMICs? [Slides]

Day 4 – 21 June 2018

  • Systematic reviews of diagnostic accuracy (by K Steingart) [Not available]
  • SR: case study: Xpert for EPTB (by M Kohli) [Not available]
  • SR: case study: biomarkers for active TB diagnosis (by E MacLean) [Not available]
  • Guideline development in TB diagnostics (by K Steingart) [Not available]
  • Quality improvement in TB (by A Cattamanchi) [Slides]
  • Panel discussion: Multi-disease testing: current status and future prospects [Slides]
  • Advocacy for improving TB diagnosis & care [Slides 1] [Slides 2] [Slides 3]

Day 5 – 22 June 2018

  • Modeling of TB diagnostics: principles (by A Zwerling & O Oxlade) [Slides]
  • Case studies in modeling (by A Zwerling & O Oxlade) [Slides]
  • Cost effectiveness analysis of TB diagnostics: principles (by O Oxlade & A Zwerling) [Slides]
  • Case studies in cost-effectiveness (by O Oxlade & A Zwerling) [Slides]

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