Meta-Analysis of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

Workshop on Systematic Reviews & Meta-analyses of Diagnostic Test Accuracy

Course Description
This will be a workshop focusing on Systematic Reviews & Meta-Analyses of Diagnostic Test Accuracy. Jointly instructed by Dr. Mariska M. Leeflang and Dr. Madhukar Pai. It is jointly presented by the Respiratory Epidemiology and Clinical Research Unit (RECRU) of the Montreal Chest Institute and the Cochrane Infectious Diseases Group (CIDG).

Course outline

Lecture 1: Diagnostic Research – Quick Review (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 2: Systematic Reviews of Diagnostic Test Accuracy (by Mariska Leeflang) [Slides]
Lecture 3: Formulating a Review Question (by Mariska Leeflang) [Slides]
Lecture 4: Identification of Diagnostic Studies (by Mariska Leeflang) [Slides]
Lecture 5: Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Test Accuracy Studies (by Mariska Leeflang) [Slides]
Lecture 6: Meta-analysis of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies (by Mariska Leeflang) [Slides]
Lecture 7: Making the Results Understandable for End-Users (by Mariska Leeflang) [Slides]