Fundamentals of Global Health

PPHS-511: Fundamentals of Global Health

Course Objective
To provide a survey of core topics in global health at the introductory level.

Course Description
This interactive 500-level survey course aims to give students the opportunity to broaden their understanding and knowledge of global health issues, including core topics such as history of global health, global health governance, global burden of disease, global health ethics, and global health diplomacy and advocacy. The course will cover topics that span the unfinished agenda (e.g. infectious diseases, and maternal/child health), as well as the emerging agenda (e.g. global environmental health, and the emerging epidemic of non-communicable diseases). The highlight of the course is the case studies that student prepare and often successfully publish.

Structure of Sessions
The course consists of lectures (including guest lectures), case studies, discussions and small group work. A few global health events and seminars are scheduled during the fall term, and all students are expected to participate in these seminars and events. Information about the global health seminars and events are available at:

Course agenda

Global health – introductory concepts
Lecture 1: Introduction to global health & historical context (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides] [Movie: Bending The Arc]
Lecture 2.1: Social determinants of health (by Amrita Daftary & Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 2.2: Global health financing and governance (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 3.1: Ethical issues in global health (by Matthew Hunt) [Slides]
Lecture 3.2: Measurement in global health & global burden of disease (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 4.1: Global health delivery & Universal Health Coverage (by Madhukar Pai & Tim Evans) [Slides 1] [Slides 2]
Lecture 4.2: Access to global health technologies (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 4.3: How to create a global health case study (by Sophie Huddart & Lena Faust) [Slides]
The unfinished agenda of global health
Lecture 5.1: HIV & TB (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides 1] [Slides 2]
Lecture 5.2: Schisms & uncomfortable truths in global health (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 6.1: Immigrant and refugee health (by Baijayanta Mukhopadhyay) [Slides]
Lecture 6.2: Reproductive, maternal, new born & child health (by Charles Larson) [Slides]
Lecture 6.3: Global health advocacy & diplomacy (by Chris Dendys) [Slides]
Lecture 7.1: Neglected tropical diseases (by Greg Matlashewski) [Slides]
Lecture 7.2: Malaria (by Cedric Yansouni) [Slides]
The emerging agenda of global health
Lecture 8.1: Non-communicable diseases (by Julia von Oettingen) [Slides]
Lecture 8.2: Humanitarian action (by Rachel Kiddell-Monroe) [Slides]
Lecture 9.1: Global mental health (by Laurence J. Kirmayer) [Slides]
Lecture 9.2: Injuries, trauma & global surgery (by Etienne St-Louis) [Slides]
Lecture 9.3: Global environmental health & climate change (by Jonathan Chevrier) [Slides]
Lecture 10: Strategic thinking in global health (by Shan Soe-Lin & Robert Hecht) [Slides]
Lecture 11.1: Global health field work & student experiences (by Kristin Hendricks) [Slides]
Lecture 11.2: Pandemics & Antimicrobial resistance (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Lecture 11.3: Health and social justice (by Sridhar Venkatapuram) [Slides]
Lecture 12: Indigenous health (by Andrew Bresnahan) [Slides]
Lecture 13: Careers in Global Health (by Madhukar Pai) [Slides]
Global Health Case Studies
A compilation from PPHS-511 Fundamentals of Global Health