Montreal Tuberculosis Course

One-day course on tuberculosis held in Montreal (2009 and 2010)

Workshop Description
In 2009 and 2010, a one-day workshop on tuberculosis was held in Montreal.

The 2nd Montreal TB Course – 26 November 2010
Workshop flyer

Lecture 1: Epidemiology of Tuberculosis and Tuberculosis in Canada (Instructor: Kevin Schwartzman) [Slides]
Lecture 2: Etiology of Tuberculosis: M. Tuberculosis (Instructor: Marcel Behr) [Slides]
Lecture 3: Genetics of Tuberculosis (Instructor: Erwin Schurr) [Slides]
Lecture 4: Immunology of Tuberculosis (Instructor: Maziar Divangahi)
Lecture 5: Diagnosis of Tuberculosis (LTBI, Disease, MDR-TB) (Instructor: Madhukar Pai)
Lecture 6: Treatment of Tuberculosis (LTBI, Disease, MDR-TB) (Instructor: Dick Menzies)
Lecture 7: Radiology of Tuberculosis (Instructor: Barry Rabinovitch)
Lecture 8: Clinical and public health case studies
The 1st Montreal TB Course – 2009
Lecture 1: Global epidemiology of TB and TB in Canada (Instructor: Kevin Schwartzman)
Lecture 2: M. tuberculosis: organism, transmission, pathogenesis (Instructor: Marcel Behr)
Lecture 3: Diagnosis of latent TB infection (Instructor: Madhukar Pai)
Lecture 4: Diagnosis of active TB and drug-resistant TB (Instructor: Jessica Minion)
Lecture 5: Radiology of TB (Instructor: Barry Rabinovitch)
Lecture 6: Treatment of latent TB infection (Instructor: Dick Menzies)
Lecture 7: Treatment of active TB and MDR-TB (Instructor: Dick Menzies)
Lecture 8: Public health aspects of TB (Instructor: Chris Greenaway)
Lecture 9: International Standards for TB Care (Instructor: Madhukar Pai)